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Why Is El Roble Different?

You are our family
Helping you stay healthy and improving the quality of your life is our ultimate goal, even if doing so might allow you to need us less in the future.
We thoroughly customize every client's care plan and periodically review and analyze our performance outcome in order to ensure we provide the best services.
We are professional
Many of our caregivers are certified nursing assistants who have completed 75 hours of state-approved training courses and passed the California State Certification Board exam.  Each has years of experience and receives onboard training before serving clients.  They also periodically attend to educational workshops to enhance their skills and the quality of their service. 
Our customers are happy because they know we care!  We are constantly reviewing our performance and refining our care plans to strive for even better outcomes.  Our staff are always 100% ready because we provide them onboard training and education workshops.  We aim to make our customers smile big with our high-quality services! :-)   
Our staff are our family, too.
We offer our staff opportunities of becoming our future leaders and support them to advance their education with scholarships and generous compensation. 
In short, we are proud of our relatively low turnover because  we make working at El Roble exciting, inspirational and fun!  Since our staff grow with us through scholarship programs, our clients will not have different caregivers every single time!  
Outdoor Study Group
We are proud of our training
Before serving clients, each caregiver completes onboard training and is led by senior staff until s/he is ready to confidently and independently serve our clients.  All staff periodically attend workshops as well.  
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