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DeWitt's words
"Nohelia was the last of several caregivers that I used to help care for my dying wife and she turned out to be the best one.  Not only was she competent but also compatible to the point that she became like a member of the family.  My wife and I adored her."  
Faint Glow

Cathi's words

Thank you so much for our gift of Diana (a dedicated El Roble Home Care team member)  !!!
She is truly a gift to us! 
She’s so kind, caring and professional!
She’s been playing chess with my dad which is a game he has loved for years!
He’s teaching her and it’s so sweet💕
Again thank you so much

Brown Paper
We are very happy with El Roble Home Care team. They really do their utmost to provide the best care for my wife.

My wife is very happy with their services, like their meal preparations, house cleaning, companionship, emotional support and bathing. They do a review every month to find out what's working and what could be improved if necessary. They respond very quickly to any question or any request.

They have a great management team, Louise and Claudia.
Dany's words
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