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My First Fox Cake

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Making 3-D cake is no longer super challenging, thanks to many pre-made ingredients in today's grocery and craft stores.

Louise's First Fox Cake!

On Easter Day, my friend Katya and I gave another friend Sophie a Fox-theme baby shower, even though Sophie has already given birth to a beautiful boy George a few weeks ago. Katya set up the event place and prepared food while I was in charge of making the Fox-theme cake. I usually ordered an editable cake cover when I wanted to put a specific image or photo on the top of cake. Nevertheless, I was getting tired of 2-D cake design. Since I'd always wanted to play with fondant, I decided to build a cute miniature Fox Cake for my dear Sophie and her baby George.

I found several awesome cake designs when I googled for "Fox Cake". What caught my eyes the most was this "Fergus the fox cake" because of the fur frosting! Luckily, I also found fox cake templates from With many pre-made ingredients (you can find most of them in Michael's) now a day, making a 3-D cake is no longer super challenging. Here is my game plan:


@ Costco

  • 1/2 sheet Cake with white frosting cover (you can skip this if you don't have feed more than 20 people)

@ Target

  • 2 Boxes of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Cake Mix

  • 1 whole-sheet white cardboard paper (you can skip this if you don't have feed more than 20 people)

@ Michaels

  • 1 Wilton Decorator Icing, 2 kg (4.5 LB)

  • 1 Wilton Icing Color, Orange

  • Sweetshop Fondant (super useful when you just need a small portion without dying the fondant dough! )

  1. Chocolate: ears, eyes, nose, and the name banner

  2. Light green: grass

  3. White: eyes and cheeks

  • Disposable Decorating Frosting Bag, icing coupler adapter, and Wilton metal tip #233

  • Sparkle Gel Icing Pen for writing names and fine decorations

  • Wilton Icing Decoration: flowers, leaves, and butterflies

  • Fondant Roller

  • 1 Bag of 50 pieces lollipop sticks (you can skip this if you don't have feed more than 20 people)


  • Print out the fox cake templates from

  • Grease the 9" round cake pan

  • Bake the 2 Boxes of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Cake Mix in 9" round cake pan. Remove the pan from the cake when the cake is completely cold.

  • (If feeding >20 serving) Insert 10-20 sticks of lollipop sticks into the half sheet Costco cake as supporting beams for the fox.

  • (If feeding >20 serving) Cut an oval shape cardboard.

  • (If feeding >20 serving) Wrap the cardboard with plastic wrap

  • Spread white frosting on the top of the plastic wrap

  • Roll a piece of light green fondant to cover the bottom of the cardboard

  • Shape the chocolate cake with the fox cake templates. Gently move the pieces of the chocolate on the top of the white frosting and light green fondant on the cardboard

  • Roll two pieces of white fondants. Cover the fox's cheeks with the white fondant.

  • Dye 3 cups of the white frosting with the orange food color dye

  • Insert the icing adopter and Wilton metal tip #233 to the disposable icing bag (click the picture below to see the instruction film on YouTube)

  • Fill the frosting bag with the orange frosting. Leave the tail area for white fur frosting later.

  • Frost the chocolate cake to make the furry fox

  • Roll pieces of chocolate fondant for 2 ears, 2 eyes, 2 eye balls, the fox nose, and the name banner

  • Roll 2 pieces of white fondant for 2 eye white ares

  • Assemble the ears, eyes, nose, and the name banner

  • Frost the tail area with white frosting to make the furry tail

  • Write the name with the sparkle gel icing pen

  • Decorate the cardboard with Wilton icing decorations. I used flowers, leaves, and butter flies. I put some sparkle gel between the butterfly wings to make the butterfly body

  • (If feeding >20 serving) Gently place the cardboard on the top of the half sheet Costco cake

  • Finally, final step: ENJOY!!!!

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