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We Take Notes On Everything We Do, Digitally 

We are tenacious about providing our patients the best services.  Therefore, we develop digital tools to manage our services.  




Equipped with GPS-tracking and automatic timing system


Our caregiver use their mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) to:​

  1. Check in before the services

  2. View the service checklist when they take care of the patients

  3. Check out and complete the service reports by the end of the services 


The time, locations, and contents of services our caregivers submit are automatically and immediately forwarded to:

  1. The patients and their families

  2. The case managers


The service reports will be stored in our cloud database with HIPPA compliance and standard encryption



Our patients (or their families) would receive these reports immediately after they were completed by the El Roble team

  1. Check-in reports

  2. Service reports

  3. Invoices

  4. Other service-relevant information


Our caregiver observe and record their patients' conditions in the service reports

We do not share any data to any third-party organization/personnel


Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 12.59.18

With these digital tools, our caregivers can ensure their patients receive all necessary care by 100%.  Furthermore, our team, our patients and their families can detect any change in the patient's health according to our service reports.  IMMEDIATELY  addressing any health issue is especially imperative in diseases management.  

Our Patient's wellness is always our top priority.  El Roble Home Care team looks forward to effectively taking care of the patients with the latest technology. 

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