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Be Part of Making Difference :-) 

We are not a typical nursing home service because we want to succeed with you!  As a member in the El Roble Community, you will have the opportunities of:

  • Taking care of clients like your family

  • Working with diverse and enthusiastic teams

  • Sharing and implementing your creative ideas

  • Attending to on-boarding and educational workshops

  • Becoming tomorrow's leaders in El Roble

  • Advancing your education and career with El Roble scholarships


Nothing excites us more than seeing you and clients have better lives with big smiles! Apply if you are a certified nursing assistant or experienced caregiver passionate about taking care of seniors and patients.  We want to meet you to learn more about your talents! 


Please apply through a desktop/laptop computer because you need to upload your resume (and also certification if you apply for the caregiver position) before submitting your job application. 

Application - Page 01
(Our current job opportunities exist in the proximity of San Francisco Bay Area) 

*Information Required Before Submitting Your Application.  

Applicant's Name*


What position are you applying for?*

(Supporting staff including hairstylists, house cleaners)

Street Address*


Are you legally eligible for employment in the U.S.? *


Years of Experience*

Apartment/unit #

Zip Code*

(If not a U.S. citizen)  Check all unexpired identifications that apply to your situation *

Permanent resident




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