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Let's succeed in losing weights together!

Doctor and Patient

People have their unique needs to fight against obesity, and we have recommendations that you can utilize accordingly.



Walking around the neighborhood or park. It is the easiest way to start off a physical activity. 


A great workout to strengthen your legs and enjoy the natural wonders around at the same time​



Bring in the fun and exercising together along as you socialize with friends


If you want some privacy or having a peaceful environment while doing exercises, this might be the one for you.

Weight-bearing exercises.png

Weight-bearing exercises

Bring friends over to a gym or start off with the use of resistance bands. Please ask your primary care  physician first if such exercise is appropriate for your health status

Be INVOLVED in sports

It is not too late to start in a sports activity you are familiar with such as table tennis and bowling

Sport Invovlement.png
Water Aerobics.png

Water Aerobics

Enjoy exercise while in a pool as you strengthen you muscles and joints

What are your challenges in participating in physical activities?


Reserve five minutes of time daily just to walk around your house and add a minute each week. It's a good start.



There a support groups that help you lead to the right direction with activities and information in managing your health

Food Ingredients in Bowls

What are the benefits of preparing your own meals at home?


Organizing a weekly meal plan enables you anticipate dietary preferences and keeps you away from expensive fast-food items.


Weight loss

Home-prepared meals are healthier and more nutritious leading to weight loss

Quality time

Food preparation with family builds quality time and they get involved with your health as well as theirs

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